Tories fail to win Surrey PCC race as Labour vote increases

November 16, 2012

16 November 2012

Conservative candidate Julie Iles slumped to a second-round defeat in the first ever Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) election in Surrey, despite the county being one of the safest Tory areas in Britain. Kevin Hurley, who ran as an independent candidate, took victory by more than 7,500 votes after second preferences were counted.

Labour candidate Robert Evans put in a strong performance across the whole of Surrey and Labour gained twice as many votes as the Liberal Democrats across the county. In Guildford, Robert Evans won 1,000 more votes than Nick O’Shea (Liberal Democrat), who went on to finish in last place when all 11 boroughs combined their first round totals.

Guildford Labour Party would like to thank everyone who supported Robert Evans in this election, either as their first or second preference. We will work to ensure that the new Police & Crime Commissioner is held to account for his decisions, and that Surrey Police is not privatised as previously proposed by the Coalition Government.

The PCC election results for Guildford

First preference votes:

Second preference votes:

Turnout: 18.22%