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commented 2018-04-17 20:12:18 +0100
I am making contact to seek your support for the campaign against the expulsion of three Labour Party members (Steve Williams, Kate Townsend and Robert Park) from South West Surrey CLP who were expelled just a year ago from the Labour Party for trying to unseat Jeremy Hunt in his South West Surrey constituency in the 2017 general election.

We were trying to secure an agreement between Labour, Greens and Liberal Democrats to stand aside their candidate in favour of Dr Louise Irvine of the National Health Action Party, a GP with a passionate belief in the NHS and a stanch opponent of cuts and privatisation. Louise has a strong track record of challenging Jeremy Hunt both in her campaigning and in the courts.

Whether you agree with our approach or not, we believe that we should have the right to hold views on support for progressive alliances in certain circumstances without facing such draconian action by party officials, with no right of appeal.

The three expelled members are asking for your support in two ways:

• Sign the petition for our reinstatement on-line at

• Move a motion at your CLP supporting our reinstatement along the lines of that submitted by South West Surrey CLP:

“This CLP expresses its outrage at the expulsion of three active Labour Party members in the South West Surrey CLP on 8th May 2017, for supporting a Progressive Alliance, as previously mandated by the CLP membership voting on two previous occasions.

We demand the immediate reinstatement of these three members.”


Jeremy Hunt is a deeply unpopular local MP whom many of his constituents, like people up and down the country, hold responsible for the damage done to the National Health Service over the five years of his stewardship as secretary of state for health. In the seventh safest Conservative seat in the country, Steve, Kate and Robert and many other Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green supporters, and supporters of no particular political party were determined to make an effort to unseat Jeremy Hunt.

The three Godalming members were seeking an arrangement such as that endorsed by the Labour Party in the Tatton constituency in the 1997 general election where both Labour and the Liberal Democrats agreed to stand aside to support the Independent candidate, Martin Bell. Martin Bell contested the traditionally Conservative Tatton constituency in 1997 and defeated the deeply unpopular local MP, Neil Hamilton, who subsequently defected to UKIP.

Members of South West Surrey CLP, including the three expelled members, were supporting the candidature of Dr Louise Irvine, an experienced GP and health campaigner who has stood against Jeremy Hunt as a protest candidate in 2015 and earned the respect of progressives across the political spectrum. Dr Irvine was a highly articulate advocate for the NHS and, having defeated Jeremy Hunt in the courts following her campaign to stop the closure of Lewisham Hospital, she was seen as the candidate best placed to oppose Jeremy Hunt and become the next MP for South West Surrey.

The constituency party as a whole was supportive of a progressive alliance and was the first Constituency Labour Party (CLP) to pass a motion in support of a progressive alliance, following the declaration of the Richmond Park by-election in 2016. Many other CLP members publicly supported the stance taken by the Godalming Three and spoke out in favour of supporting Dr Louise Irvine in the election. Some spoke to Ross Hawkins of Radio 4’s Today programme, covering the “Progressive Forum” meeting on Saturday 6th May which endorsed Dr Irvine, also spoke in her favour. However, only the voices of Steve Williams, Kate Townsend and Robert Park were broadcast – and therefore it was for that reason that they were singled out for punishment – a punishment that was then used by Labour Party officials to stop the Labour Party participating in progressive alliances in other constituencies.

South West Surrey is no longer a “safe” Conservative seat.



Throughout the entirety of the period during which Kate Townsend, Robert Park and Steve Williams were thrown into the national media spotlight because of the precipitate and premature action of party officials, they all maintained their unwavering loyalty to the Labour Party throughout, explicitly stating that all they were trying to do was to play some part in helping to secure a Labour government or a Labour-led government, with Jeremy Corbyn at number 10 Downing Street. They still maintain that loyalty to the party and that is why they are seeking to be reinstated.
commented 2017-12-11 17:28:58 +0000
I would like to do some voluntary work for Labour in Guildford. I am studying Politics for A Level at Farnborough. I am also doing a Prospects Diploma which is encouraging all students to obtain some work experience linked to their A Levels . Please call me on 07932251171
commented 2017-11-23 09:51:58 +0000
A.G.M. 22.11.2017

I was extremely pleased to attend my first meeting in over 5 years, and enjoyed the experience once again, But

I was really pleased you stayed on as Chairman. My criticisms are: No agenda, No written Treasurers report(unbelievable) and the fiasco about the Diversity Officer was a joke.

If that was my first meeting,it would have been my last.

One question who represents the members on the E.C.?

I felt I must say what I felt, but I was glad to be back

John Tester
commented 2017-11-01 18:47:41 +0000
Dear colleague,


Check out my flyer on Facebook

My name is Jerry Weber and I am the chair of Warwick & Leamington CLP. I was also the agent for Matt Western at General Election in June where we pulled off a remarkable victory and overturned a Tory majority of 6,500.

I am standing as an unaligned and independent candidate for one of the CLP places on the NEC.

I am standing because I am very concerned about the continuing rift and discord within the Party. It really is time we put our differences behind us and started to build a party to offer the electorate a real alternative. The Party need reforming. I will be committed to open processes and transparency in dealing with difficult issues such as suspensions and expulsion from the Party.

I hope that you will be holding a nomination meeting and that you will support me and give an independent voice a chance to be on the ballot paper. Although I am a member of the Co-operative Party, I am not aligned to any other group. I believe that CLP representatives on the NEC need to be independent and not dependent on groups such as Momentum and Progress.

The NEC is our key body that directs the future of the Party. If elected, I will be a grassroots member of the NEC.

Please find my flyer attached.

I look forward to your support.

Best wishes

commented 2017-06-10 13:42:46 +0100
Postal vote note not received.

They (the council) received our request, but didn’t send it.

It appears this is the case for most disabled postal voters in the area?
commented 2017-06-08 12:20:27 +0100
Election day

What is happening about the problems with Guildford borough council’s postal votes that weren’t sent out?
commented 2017-06-06 22:29:09 +0100
why is it guildford is ignored by the labour candidates,

There have been no publicity of any upcoming events .

20 years ago, posters would have been offered, but we are lucky if there is anyone to answer our questions.

I truly believe if you want votes, you need to get out there, knocking on doors, meeting people, listening to people.

Campaigning can not be done by emails alone.
commented 2017-06-06 17:07:39 +0100
I’m 51 and have always voted conservative but, with a change to my long term disability (Parkinsons for 11 years), I’m looking to see what labours policy is in respect of benefit and aid for an honest living allowances. I have worked all my life, my earnings until a few years ago averaged 4 times the average Ni contribution however, after spending my savings finishing my son’s education I am left living on £105 ESA with PiP nowhere in sight but, ordered to pay £390 in rent and £160 Council tax, it doesn’t take much to work out that I’m living on pence. Is this how you see my life under labour or do you see an uplift to a reasonable level ? Diability under conservative rule is imposed poverty.
commented 2017-06-01 22:43:52 +0100
I have had no leaflets or information about the labour candidate in my area. I want to vote labour in the election but dont know a thing about what that would mean locally! I have had a lot of information about both Zoe Franklin and Anne Milton – why nothing from labour? Does this mean that Labour have given up in this area? If this is the case is the recommendation that I vote lib dem?
commented 2017-06-01 12:16:20 +0100
how do i get a very large poster
commented 2017-06-01 07:42:51 +0100
Hi, I’m working until Monday but can help leafleting on Monday or Tuesday next week (5th). Where do I find details?
commented 2017-05-26 15:20:57 +0100
26th May 2017

Dear Howard Smith,

We are writing to you as a prospective Member of Parliament for the Guildford constituency. In this letter, we would like to express a consensus regarding the impact of Brexit on higher education. We ask you to join us in supporting your local university, the University of Surrey, in protecting freedom of movement for both students and staff. We ask you to campaign for the right to remain for those working or studying in the higher education sector.

Currently, official net migration figures include international students. This inflates the apparent number of immigrants, thereby stoking the anti-migrant atmosphere that has emerged in the current political climate.

Our international students make substantial contributions to our University, such as the diversity they inject into the teaching and learning environment we have on campus.

The surveillance of international students to ensure visa-compliance has been delegated to University staff. In addition to its troublingly xenophobic implications, such immigration policing diverts valuable time and attention away from providing education. A candidate who is forthcoming in, not just refraining, but actively challenging xenophobic rhetoric would unquestionably win favour with the thousands of people we represent.

To protect the interests of those students who have come to the University from elsewhere in the EU, we advocate guaranteed, home-rate tuition fees and a reciprocal open approach, including visa-free access.

There have been reports of universities losing academic expertise in the wake of Brexit. While affected by consequences of the UK parliament, EU Nationals are not permitted the franchise. With neither the franchise nor the guaranteed right to stay, it is easy to understand why many feel uncomfortable working and studying in Britain.

International expertise at Surrey allows students to learn from the best in their fields, while exposure to a diverse body of students allows staff members and postgraduate teaching assistants to hone their communicative skills and introduces them to different perspectives on their taught subjects.

As well as ensuring that the University continues to benefit from international talent, it is imperative that the University remains able to secure research funding in the absence of the research programmes we enjoy because of existing EU sources. Such EU programmes as Erasmus+ provide financial support for our students and staff to study, train, work, or volunteer abroad.

A decline in EU teaching staff is especially concerning in light of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) being introduced by the Government. This is because such a decline will almost certainly lead to further reliance upon casualised contracts. Given how far teaching workloads exceed any basic hourly metric, any increase in such insecure employment conditions would place even greater strain upon academic staff, to the detriment of teaching, research, and studying alike.

Lastly, both domestic and international workers at the University should retain the current levels of protection they enjoy under EU law, such as those relating to working time, parental leave, and health and safety.

We therefore ask you to reply and add your support to the following seven propositions:

1. The removal of international students from official net migration figures.

2. The guaranteed continuation of home-rate tuition fees and visa-free access for EU students as part of a reciprocal agreement.

3. The guaranteed right to stay for EU staff and students who currently reside or study in the UK, with freedom of movement unrestricted for those who come to work or study from the EU.

4. Extending the franchise to EU nationals residing in Britain to vote in National Elections.

5. The securing of alternative sources of university funding other than raised tuition fees.

6. The continued support of Erasmus+ and other EU research funding.

7. The continued protection of the employment rights currently provided by EU law.

Please be advised that your reply will be publicised alongside those from the other election candidates. We ask you to kindly respond by the 2nd June 2017 in order for us to circulate candidate responses.

Yours sincerely

Surrey UCU Committee

Surrey Unite Committee

Surrey Unison Committee
commented 2017-05-20 16:57:54 +0100
Why have I not had a Labour Party leaflet through my door yet? I have not seen or heard a whisper of campaigning from my local representative which I find very disheartening.

The only public support I have seen so far is for the Lib Dems. How will you increase local support for the main opposition when you know damn well that you traditionally rank below them in elections??
commented 2017-05-16 10:48:13 +0100
Dear Labour candidate,

To determine my vote in the coming election I like to ask a question on a topic close to my heart and then, having judged all candidate responses, I will then make my decision as to whom to vote for.

My question is as follow;

As a coach of a local boys football team (Cranleigh Yourth FC), I’m increasingly worried about the lack of development/support for improving the sports and recreational facilities and the impact that this has on our local communities. I believe this area is underfunded and overlooked by most polictial parties as they focus on other areas such as the NHS and Education. There also seems to be a lot of focus on increasing housing in the Cranleigh area (which I understand is essential) but a lot less attention on the impact on the local recreational facilities of surrounding areas following these. Please can you tell me what your thoughts/plans would be for the investment in local sports and park facilities in the Guildford/Cranleigh area.

Many thanks and best of luck with your campaigns,

Ian Barter
commented 2017-05-15 08:35:57 +0100
From Rob Verdon –

Cranleigh School and Churches Together would like to invite you to a young voters election hustings and the Cranleigh village hustings on Monday 22nd May 2017 (a week today).

The young voter hustings will be held at Cranleigh School in the Emms Centre, featuring young voters from schools across the constituency. This event will commence at 16:30pm and conclude at 17:45. Our 6th formers will then host you for supper at the school.

The Churches together hustings will then be taking place at the Cranleigh Baptist Church, commencing at 19:30, which is being organised by Rev Roy Woodhams of St Nicolas Church Cranleigh (

We have had a number of candidates confirm for both of these events so far, including Anne Milton, and we would obviously love to have all 6 candidates who have now declared for Guildford at both events. Can you please let Roy and myself know by email if you can attend these two events by Thursday this week at the latest.

Many thanks in advance and please do let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.



Mr Rob Verdon

History & Politics

Deputy Housemaster

East House
commented 2017-05-02 17:10:07 +0100
As a young voter, I am keen to find out more about what labour campaign for in Guildford, specifically the Worplesdon area. As of yet, I have not found any information about what the Labour councillor stands for in my area nor have I had any leaflets through my door (apart from Conservative). Please could you send over some material for me to look through so as I can make an informed choice about who to vote for on May the 4th.
commented 2017-04-26 09:48:56 +0100
what is your policy on newlands corner & the countryside
commented 2017-02-08 08:10:45 +0000

Please contact me on 07799 410725 about publicising your candidate for the Surrey CC elections in the East Horsley Newsletter. I’m after a photo of the candidate and 200 words of copy.

commented 2016-12-08 18:44:28 +0000
I would like to contact George Dokimakis directly regarding the street lighting black out.

I am an affected resident. I live in Surrey Heath. I am extremely upset about this, and I want to do something about this. I am not prepared to accept it. I had intended to set up my own webpage and petition. Obviously I have now discovered George already has something going. I would like to compare notes with George if possible, to ascertain whether it is better I work within Georges petition or start another one up etc.
commented 2016-06-19 08:57:39 +0100
Request for information about local Labour Party meetings as I’ve just rejoined the Party after 40+ years absence. Thank you. Richard
commented 2016-04-28 17:39:10 +0100
We all know Ken Livingstone is not a Nazi. Over the last few weeks the Labour party has had unprecedented opportunity to attack the tories, but instead some self serving members have been seeking to destroy Labour from the inside. Red Tories should be shown the door, they do not represent the membership, they do not support the leader, the Labour party is not for them. While I am at it, criticism of Israel domestic policy is not anti semtiec, it is humanity.
commented 2016-03-13 19:10:21 +0000
I need to stress concerns (major) about the NHS and the POLICE SYSTEM.
commented 2016-02-27 21:39:24 +0000
To complain bitterly that you are not doing anything, at least publicly, to fight the most contentious green issue in this area – the monetisation of Newlands Corner. There’s absolutely nothing on your website. I am fighting these changes with all of my spare time. One of my main arguments is that low income families are being, like they are everywhere, denied access to their heritage by punitive charges. What are you doing and what is your position on this? I hope to see the Labour banner outside Holy Trinity Church in the High St on 9 March (7.30) when there is a SCC public meeting on the issue.
commented 2016-01-21 15:32:22 +0000
Hi. I have just moved to the areas. Could you please add me to the CLP email list. Thanks. Harry
commented 2015-08-12 08:26:05 +0100
Dear Richard, I would like to join the labour party and I want to vote in Jeremy Corbyne. I am afraid to send my subscription o the internet. Can I do it another way? I am 77 year sold.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Valerie Minoo
commented 2015-07-30 20:07:56 +0100
I am interested in local meetings and seeing what I can offer to the party.
commented 2015-04-26 20:36:09 +0100
I have a question for him
commented 2015-04-03 10:27:58 +0100
Dear Richard

My concern is about the proposal for zero hours contracts? I am the founder and CEO of a small restaurant group. We’re nationally spread and employ circa 300 staff. The nature of our pattern of business can be unpredictable which results in us sometimes having to alter working rotas following the ‘week in advance’ notification system we operate. In short, if the restaurants suddenly go very quiet and we have no customers, we have the option of asking the staff to finish their shifts earlier than planned/start later than planned or run the risk of incurring hefty wages costs knowing the restaurant will not be able to generate any income to service the wages overhead. Every one of our 300 staff are happy with this arrangement as they understand that a small business like ours can’t survive without controlling overhead costs very tightly. Indeed by recognising this system we’ve frankly been able to create 300 jobs. With new min hours contracts I fear we’ll be pushed into 2 scenarios: 1, we employ far less staff (putting some of our loyal team out of work) or 2, closing down branches altogether thus losing the Government VAT, NI and costing each applicable branch an entire workforce.

Similarly, my daughter is raising funds to launch a Wedding Venue. The nature of her venture will be to cater for functions as and when they arise with by nature, an obvious and significant ‘downtime’ sometimes lasting days even in the early launch phase, weeks. We fear how we’ll be able to offer any employment on guaranteed hours if we simply have no income guaranteed? I assume this applies to lots of businesses who rely wholly on part time/casual and event types of staff?

Right now I’m not sure which party I will vote for and as some of Labour’s comments and plans are quite compelling I might well vote for Labour. However I’m very very concerned about the future viability of my growing business if a clear policy on how your headlined party proposal is to successfully work without eroding jobs or putting my whole enterprise at the possible risk of insolvency?

Kind regards

John Gater
commented 2015-03-25 00:10:19 +0000
I usually never vote – but upon reading this certain policy it has changed my mind. “Our ambition is a society where no one has to rely on benefits to pay their rent, so we will build 200,000 homes a year by 2020, and get a fairer deal for private renters by guaranteeing long-term tenancies with predictable rents and banning rip-off letting agent fees on tenants” I am currently living with my mother, brother, sister plus her partner and my twins, in a 3 bedroom house, council cannot house me, simply because they have none to offer me, and it’s a 5 year wait, i don’t even have a bed, which causes me alot of back pain, not to mention my son being allergic to cats, and my sister has 2. I have recently been let down by an estate agent due to a landlord not accepting a housing benefit top up and currently waitting on a refund for a £500 holding fee, i am in the process of working with the council and a different agent to get a private rented house, currently paid £360 in fee’s , not sure what else is to come, I am a uk citizen, as soon as my twins were in full time nursery i have volunteered, and most recently managed to find a job, i pay rent and bills, i feel as though i have been let down by the system and any advice or help you can offer me would be appreciated and a vote will be coming from me.

Leanne Warner
commented 2015-03-16 10:39:54 +0000
Dear Richard I have been trying to contact you regarding a face to face meeting supposedly organised by Christian some weeks ago. I never heard back from him? It was meant to be with you, Angela and Christian and the issue I wanted to talk over, was the contentious development plans put out for consultation by the Guildford Exec. As a representative for Cobham LP, Elmbridge District LP and a Ripley resident, I / we are very concerned over this, we cannot understand your two members’ stance on it, so we need some clarification as to the Guildford LP’s policy. Can you call me please as I can never get an answer on your land line No My mobile No is 07785 292107. I hope that you will treat this as urgent.

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